5 Morning Juices that You Will Nutritiously Love

Diet has been one of the main culprits why people are sickly and die early. The wrong food, in addition to the speed in eating, has something to do with our ailments. If you remember the old nursery rhyme, “chew your food, gently through your meal; the more you chew, the less you eat, the better you will feel,” it has been taught to children the right speed of eating. Doing so makes the nutrients easily absorbed by the body. If you have been eating mostly fast food items, much red meat and processed foods without care to add greens and fruits into your diet, you will get sick sooner than later.

Benefits of juicing and drinking in the morning

When you are already in the state of weakness due to your wrong diet, juicing, especially in the morning, will hasten your body to heal because you have made the blender do the digestion for you. All that needs to be done is for the nutrients be absorbed by the body. That is easy because the fruits and vegetables have been broken down to its smallest possible “bite” your teeth will take long to do. With juicing, you can also add vegetables that you normally do not or cannot eat by itself. By adding it to the blender, you get the nutrients to mix with the rest, which you can easily drink. By doing so, you will be able to notice better skin, better energy, better digestion, better mood and better thinking.

morning green juice | i'll drink to that

morning green juice | i’ll drink to that

How to make your juice taste great

For starters, you can mix fruits with vegetables making fruits 70% because fruits are naturally great tasting. You need the greens, though, so in time you have to lessen the fruits and up the vegetable content. Natural sweeteners are apples and bananas so you might want to always include one or the other. Lemon should be put in if you want to cut the bitter taste, and if you want to have a kick, add ginger. Cucumber blands the strong taste of because of its natural water content. From this base fruits and vegetables, you can add others according to what nutrients you want to consume. Any vegetable that you can eat raw, you can include. That means those that need no heat to soften.

5 juice recipes you can start with

  1. Beet, apple and mint juice

  2. Broccoli, cucumber, celery and parsley

  3. Grapefruit, carrot and ginger

  4. Grapefruit, orange, tangerine, tangelo and pomegranate

  5. Apple, celery, ginger, lemon, orange and spinach

morning green juice | i'll drink to that

morning green juice | i’ll drink to that


With the common eating habits that most people normally have, nutrients are scarce. By juicing, you maximize the nutrients by eliminating the breaking down into small bits, hence, making the absorption of nutrients faster. Taking your fresh juice in the morning benefits your body by sustaining it with proper nutrients, at the same time eliminating the toxins that you have amassed from eating the wrong kinds of food.

The Insider Secrets for Tax Audits Exposed

The thought of being audited poses anxiety as the word itself fosters trepidation among many people despite a very limited probability. Audits are rare and extremely small but a slow rise was noted since 2008. Tax professionals offer services on audit guidance in case you are decided to be audited. You will be made to understand the reason for the audit and aid you in answering audit questions but there is little you can do to stop it.

3 Ways to Ward off Tax Auditors

One may reduce the odds of getting singled out for audit by simply staying on the right side where extra attention is not drawn.

  • Check your figures: An erroneous data entry is preventable if one double-checks the return before it is filed. Even if you are careful enough, you have to wait until paper works are completed before getting on with the return. This includes bank statements, investment records, and income reports. Gather all of these form first so you do not miss out any income and not make avoidable mistakes. It is maintained that electronic filing dramatically reduces errors and likewise lower audit odds.

IRS Tax Audits - Types, Process, & Tips for An Income Tax Audit

IRS Tax Audits – Types, Process, & Tips for An Income Tax Audit

  • Honesty is the best policy: Common sense will dictate that a genuine report will absolutely reduce the probability of an audit, if not at all wipe it out. Inversely, withholding income in part draws attention and invites audit probability as it raises the red flag up. If you lie outright about high earnings or conceal a genuine report, you are behaving to get audited.

  • Realistic deductions: Know what constitutes legitimate deduction whether it is an individual return or that of a small business. It is safe to say that the general rule on deductible assumes it as legitimate when money is spent to make money. A detailed profit and expense report by sole proprietors resulting in a loss can trigger suspicion of a false declaration.

Avoiding the Red Flags of Tax Audit

Whenever a filed tax return stands out head and shoulder level above the rest, the taxpayer is likely to become an audit candidate. This is attributable to certain factors rather than a mere matter of chance. Understanding the things that elevate the interest of auditors is an important part of filing returns.

  • High incomes: An income that crosses what auditors consider substantial is prone to their enforcement activities. Those falling under this category should exercise utmost care and precision with all information,

  • Large itemized deductions: Income level dictates a range of entitled deduction. Excessive deduction will draw the attention of auditors who may take a second look at the filed return.

  • Home offices: An office in your home qualifies as a deductible under several conditions of which exclusive use as main business place is one. It should not be available for any other activities other than your business nor should it be just on occasional business use.

  • Missing investment income: Financial service companies generate a summary report of annual interests and dividends you earned and send the information to the IRS as well. Excluding the information in the filed tax return may mean concealment and spell trouble on your part.

  • Medical expenses: The expenses made for aesthetic purposes are not included as deductible under this category and a ceiling is imposed based on gross income for it to be legitimate. Detailed medical records must be safely kept.

10 Tips To Survive A Tax Audit

10 Tips To Survive A Tax Audit

3 Scrutiny Procedures Conducted by the IRS

A demand by the IRS for an accurate return must not be taken personally but as an alert to make support documents ready and in order.

  • By mail: The taxpayer is required to submit by mail a form or any additional document that may be required by the IRS.

  • At a designated IRS facility: The taxpayer is required personal attendance at a given IRS office for discussion and clarification. In general, pertinent records must be presented to substantiate the claims on the tax return.

  • At the home or business place: The auditor makes a visit to the place of residence or office for verification of given information.

Ensure accuracy by a thousand checks before actually filing the return. Report everything correctly for matching numbers from income to dependents and exemptions. An automated system is designed to detect discrepancies with no excuse that comes with it. Have it 100% true and correct and you can position your return low on the audit risk meter.

3 Ways To Know If You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

There are really no specifications on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Everybody could be one. All it takes is guts. But being an entrepreneur is a big difference into “an entrepreneur”. People could choose to become an entrepreneur. But what it takes to be an entrepreneur is the question. The question remains if you would become successful in your startups. There is no right or wrong answer. It always depends every time. Would-be entrepreneurs should thrive to the corporate world. In anyways, here’s 3 picture of what it looks like to become “the entrepreneur”

1. Would take the risk.Entrepreneurs are profit-oriented. They are willing to risk all their resources in the pursuit of profit. They are confident enough that they can overcome the risks. Entrepreneurs are very optimistic with their goals. They know that they can be successful in every field that they choose to venture. To be an entrepreneur is to have the goals in mind and what you want to achieve. Most successful entrepreneurs are persistent and demanding of success because they know that losing is not an option. They are aware of how much it takes to lose since their own money is at risk.    

Best Business Motivational Quote: The Entrepreneur

Best Business Motivational Quote: The Entrepreneur


2. Research your planned business and target markets. Before even engaging in new ventures and before taking the risks of putting up a business of your own, you have to know specifically first if the business you have in mind will work with your target market. Many business ventures failed because they didn’t exceed the time and effort to realize if everything suits up to every aspect of the business. Even brilliant plans wouldn’t work if the market won’t patronize what you have to offer.

3. Resilience. The ability to bounce back after a great loss is what makes an entrepreneur earn their names under the corporate world. As the times change you should be able to also adapt through these changes. Successful entrepreneurs learned to rewire their business plans the hard way. They don’t become stagnant to what they believe would turn out constant. They dance with innovations and adjust themselves to the changes of the present times. Cases like recessions should make your business slow and some even die at some point. The ability to analyze on how to thrive with the scarcity of the times should be possessed with future entrepreneurs.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Everybody wanted to be an entrepreneur nowadays. We are all fascinated by those who started their business young and became a millionaire before even reaching 30. Who wouldn’t want to be like that? Many of us would jump into decisions thinking only that it will be our ticket to success. What we lack to think is the high price and the difficult journey to even reach halfway these guys took. To be an entrepreneur is not for everybody. It takes too much than you actually think of. Perhaps it is so over-rated that everybody would want a share out of it.